The Job Process

Wondering what we do when you call us? Here is the short explanation about our work.

  • First thing, and the most important one is we identify the problem.
  • Finding up what your enemy is and where their base and where their hang out.
  • Calculation how much the control we need, including traps and other things we needs.
  • And make a decision with you as our boss, about action to take. This mean with or without chemical.
  • We work on it.
  • After that we use repellent to make them never comeback again.

It is pretty simple right? But the truth isn't like that. Sometime we need to move some of your furniture, we crouch on the floor, inspect all the possibilities that will be take hours.

I am sure you will be understand with that, and make our work perfectly done.

Options You Have to Work With Us

When you placing an order to us, we will inspect your place as our standard operational procedure. This can be take a few hours or maybe days if your house so big like Windsor Castle.

After that you have an option. This is important because some people hate one of them while other doesn't care about it.

The pest control option we have is :
  • Non Chemical
  • Chemical
  • Biological

Non Chemical is first option for all jobs. If it can be done perfectly with that, because they are real safe for all. Your child will safe and you don't need to worry about that.

Chemical is super powerful to make the pest gone. Yeah you know it, but sometime parents hate this option and force us to do the first option.

Biological is placing a predator to fight against the enemy. You know what I mean.

That all, you can choose that 3 types of our job that can make your house clean from any animal you hate.

Why We Need Professional Pest Control?

Having pest at home isn't cool. It is disgusting and ahh no way at all. Some outdoor bugs like mosquito or spider maybe still considerable but rodents, termite, bed bug and fire ant can be harmful for you, other human in the house and also your precious furniture and all the gadget in your place.

Of course you can get rid 'em all with many tools that available at online store. Said something like sprays, traps or chemical weapon that can make them death in second. And for the small scale the stuff will be working perfectly.

But many people get more problem after that, because their bad maintenance and also not so good habit make the pest think your house is their territorial and breath, eat and poop there as they want like a boss. You can do it yourself again with same method, more massive and more intense. But that will ruin your life because this will make your time run out like hell.

To make it easy, as we know we are busy person these day. There are several service in your local area. They are professional who can handle pest with great management. They will tell with the proof to the unwanted animal in the house who is the boss.